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Any gas / any range detector.

Price range: $179 to $547

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The most commonly selected options have been checked as defaults. If your preferred configuration is not selectable below, then please contact Neodym.

Please note: Lead time on electrochemical sensors is 3-5 weeks. All other lead times are 1-2 weeks.

Sensor Type & Target Gas

MOS (metal oxide)
Hydrogen (0-1K ppm)
Methane (0-1K ppm)
ECHEM (electrochemical)
Oxygen (0-30%vol.)
TCOND (thermal conductivity)
Hydrogen (0-100%vol.)
Helium (0-100%vol.)

Action Levels)
Alarm Concentration:     percent of total sensing range (10 to 100)
Warning Concentration:     percent of total sensing range (10 to 90, 0=warning not used)

Please note:

For oxygen sensor the warning level is the deficiency point and the alarm level is the richness point.

Recommended alarm points for safety applications:
Oxygen: warn: 65% of range (19.5% vol.), alarm: 80% of range (24.0% vol.)

Output Signal Type and Action

   0-5 VDC (0.5V offset, 1000 steps of 5mV each, one step per resolution unit)
   Step function (voltage encoded states: 0V=error, 1.25V=normal, 2.5V=warning, 3.75V=alarm)    TTL, Normally-High, Auto (self-clearing)
   TTL, Normally-Low, Auto (self-clearing)
   TTL, Normally-High, Latching (pushbutton/power-cycle reset)
   TTL, Normally-Low, Latching (pushbutton/power-cycle reset)

If TTL output, signal is triggered by: Warning State and/or Alarm State

Relay Type and Action

   Normally-Closed, Auto (self-clearing)
   Normally-Open, Auto (self-clearing)
   Normally-Closed, Latching (pushbutton/power-cycle reset)
   Normally-Open, Latching (pushbutton/power-cycle reset)

If used, relay is triggered by: Warning State and/or Alarm State

Note: Normally-closed relay facilitates power failure detection.

Alarm Beeper

80 dB at 30 cm alarm beeper: None     include beeper

Error Handling

If sensor fails or operating temperature is out of bounds, signal this:

   Audio-visually only     by activating alarm devices(s) (fail safe)

Overexposure Handling (MOS sensors only)

If sensor is subject to overexposure damage, handle this by:

   setting maximum sensitivity     by setting persistent error condition (fail safe)

Input Power Supply

   4.75 - 5.25 VDC     7 - 40 VDC     7 - 60 VDC


none (circuit board only)
anodized aluminum enclosure

Sensor Extension

Extend sensor head  meters from control unit. (0 = no extension, 9 meters max.)

Please note: Sensor extension is not available for the oxygen sensor.

Interface harness

   Include Molex 15cm color-coded wire interface harness

AC/DC Power Suppy

   Include 110VAC-to-9VDC power supply (6 feet cord, Molex connector)


  PN Sx Gxx Annnx Wnnx On Rn Sn En Xn In Pn Ln Jn Zn  
Field: -1- -2- --3-- --4-- --5-- -6- -7- -8- -9- 10 11 12 13 14 15  

 1: Panterra product family identifier

 2: Sensor type. x = M(OS), E(lectrochemical) & T(hermal conductivity)

 3: Target Gas. xx = sensing code (See Panterra Overview)

 4: Alarm Level. nnn = concentration code. (code = percent of total sensing range)
     Alarm Action. x: A = trigger nothing. B = trigger TTL. C = trigger relay. D = trigger TTL & relay

 5: Warning Level. nn = conc. code. (code = percent of total sensing range). 0=No warning state
     Warning Action. x: A = trigger nothing. B = trigger TTL. C = trigger relay. D = trigger TTL & relay

 6: Output Signal Type.
     1 = TTL norm-Hi, auto. 2 = TTL norm-Lo, auto. 3 = TTL norm-Hi, latch. 4 = TTL norm-Lo, latch
     5 = Proportional 0-5V.  6=Step function

 7: Relay Type. 0 = none. 1 = NC, auto. 2 = NO, auto. 3 = NC, latch. 4 = NO, latch.

 8: Sound device. 0 = none. 1 = Beeper included.

 9: Error Handling. 1 = Audio-visual. 2 = Errors trigger alarm.

10: Overexposure Response. 1 = Hypersensitivity mode. 2 = Trigger permanent error

11: Input Power Supply. 1 = 5VDC. 2 = 7-40VDC. 3 = 7-60VDC

12: Packaging. 0 = none. 2 = Anodized aluminum enclosure.

13: Sensor cable length. 0 to 9 (meters). 0 = no head extension. No extension for oxygen sensor.

14: Interface harness. 0 = none. 1 = Harness included.

15: AC/DC power supply. 0 = none. 1 = 110VAC-to-9VDC adapter with Molex connector included

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