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Product datasheets

ProtiSen_Specsheet_101.pdf  - ProtiSen™ catalytic hydrogen sensor spec sheet (one page)

ProtiSen_Datasheet_101.pdf  - ProtiSen™ catalytic hydrogen sensor complete datasheet


HydroKnowz_specsheet_102.pdf  - HydroKnowz™ catalytic hydrogen gas monitor spec sheet (one page)

HydroKnowz_Datasheet_102.pdf  - HydroKnowz™ catalytic hydrogen gas monitor complete datasheet


PowerKnowz_Datasheet_101.pdf  - PowerKnowz™ intelligent gas detector datasheet


MiniKnowz_Datasheet_100.pdf  - MiniKnowz™ intelligent gas sensor module datasheet


Panterra overview - Panterra product summary

Panterra-MOS - Panterra MOS sensor brief

Panterra-ECHEM - Panterra electrochemical sensor brief

Panterra-TCOND - Panterra thermal conductivity sensor brief


Knowz Datasheet.pdf  - Knowz™ / Knowz™-DRC combustible gas detector


KnowzNet_Datasheet_102.pdf  - KnowzNet™ multi-sensor gas detection system

Knet-Cable.pdf  - KnowzNet™ cable datasheet

Technical and User Manuals
KnowzNet™ Manual  - KnowzNet™ Control Panel User Guide (Ver. 1.0.1) [PDF - 130KB]

PK-Port Instructions  - PK-Port™ Dongle Instructions (Ver. 1.0.0) [PDF - 20KB]

NeoBoost104.zip  - NeoBoost™ (1.0.4) Upgrade Utility for Windows™ platforms [ZIP - 150KB]

PKPORT_Install.zip  - PK-Port™ (ver 1.7.1) Device Access Utility (Windows™) [ZIP - 1.8MB]

  - Update for X64 systems (EG Windows 7): After installing above PKPORT archive, locate PKPORT.EXE
    and overwrite with this updated executable: PKPORT Ver. 1.7.4. Then locate PKPORT.CFG and, using
    NOTEPAD.EXE, edit the parameter "SP=10" to "SP=2000"

NeoPort_App_102.zip  - NeoPort™ (ver 1.0.2) Device Access Application for KnowzNet™ [ZIP - 3.9MB]

NeoPort_Drivers_102.zip  - NeoPort™ Sensor Driver Library (Build 1.0.2) [ZIP - 95KB]

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