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  E v a l u a t i o n     K i t s

E v a l u a t i o n     K i t s

Windows™ PC serial port access for:

  • HydroKnowz™
  • ProtiSen™
  • PowerKnowz™
  • MiniKnowz™
  • Panterra

  • Kits starting from $188

    Product Links

    > Default configs.
    > Pricing & Ordering

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    > PK-Port™ scrn. caps.


    Evaluation kits permit laboratory or in situ evaluation and monitoring of HydroKnowz™, ProtiSen™, PowerKnowz™, MiniKnowz™ and Panterra series devices. These kits facilitate advanced functions such as charting, data logging and access to settings and calibration values via a Windows™ PC interface.

    Evaluation kits include:

  • One (or more) calibrated monitors/sensors
  • PK-Port™ interface adapter (dongle)
  • PK-Port™ application program (Windows™ platforms)
  • PC serial cable (DB9 male-to-female)
  • 9VDC AC adapter (North America only)
  • Neodym technical support

  • Assorted device kits include interface adapter cables.

    To order, please select your desired kit composition. If you require non-standard device configurations then please use the applicable part number generator to establish your desired configuration. This information may then be used to order on-line or by contacting Neodym.

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