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  H y d r o K n o w z ™

  H y d r o K n o w z ™

Catalytic hydrogen monitor with optional relay.

   $114 to $205 depending on options

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Our on-line question-and-answer part number generator simplifies the selection of product options. A link to the part number generator is in the Product Links section above.

Action Level Options

Alarm level specified as "HK-Gx-Annn", where:
  "x" is the target gas: H
  "nnn" is alarm conc./resolution
  EG: Hydrogen 10,000 PPM is "HK-GH-A100"
  Note: 10-80% of sensor range only.
Warning level specified as "Wpp", where:
  "pp" is percentage code.
  Percentage code is 20-80% of alarm level

Error Handling Options

1. Audio-visual indication of errors [E1]
2. Errors trigger alarms (fail safe) [E2]

Output Signal Option

1. TTL - Norm.-high, Auto (self-clearing) [O1]
2. TTL - Norm.-low, Auto (self-clearing) [O2]
3. TTL - Norm.-high, Latch (Button reset) [O3]
4. TTL - Norm.-low, Latch (Button reset) [O4]

   (Specify TTL signal to respond to warning    state, alarm state, or both.)

5. Proportional output - 0 to 3VDC [O5]
    60mV safety offset (zero reading)
    250 steps of 11.73mV each
    Each step equals 100 ppm

6. Proportional output - 4-20mA [O6]
    30VDC maximum input supply voltage

Audio Sounder Options

1. No beeper [S0]
2. Includer beeper [S1]

  Relay Options

1. Relay not required [R0]
2. Normally-closed, Auto (self-clearing) [R1]
3. Normally-open, Auto (self-clearing) [R2]
4. Normally-closed, Latch (Button reset) [R3]
5. Normally-open, Latch (Button reset) [R4]

Specify relay to respond to warning state, alarm state, or both.

Enclosure Options

1. Open-frame (Circuit board only) [P0]
2. Anodized aluminum case (With flange) [P1]

Powering Options

1. 3 VDC (+/- 2%) [I1]
2. 6-to-40 VDC switch mode PSU [I2]
3. 6-to-55 VDC switch mode PSU [I3]

Interface Connector

1. Molex 6-pin Mini-Fit Jr. header

  - Pin 1: Input power (+)
  - Pin 2: Ground (common)
  - Pin 3: Output signal
  - Pin 4: Dry relay contact #1
  - Pin 5: Dry relay contact #2
  - Pin 6: PK-Port interface

Custom connectors & harnesses are available with nominal NRE. Please call or email to discuss custom requirements.

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