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 Dual-mode Gas Detectors & Monitors

CertAir™ Dual-mode Detection System

Combines fixed monitoring and portable detection functionality into a single unit.

More details

Status: Under development

Target cost: sub-$500

 Portable Gas Detectors & Monitors


LeakPal™ Portable Gas Detector & Monitor

- Detects number of toxic & explosive substances.
- Runs 10 hours+ from 2 AA alkaline/Ni-Cd cells.
- Multi-color LED bar graph.
- Multi-frequency audio transducer.
- User-adjustible sensitivity (detector mode)
- User-settable alarm point (monitor mode)

User Manual (PDF)

Status: Field trials

Target cost: sub-$100

 Daisy-chained Detection System


KnowzLink™ Daisy-chainable Detection System

Communicate with and power up to 16 gas detection heads using single cable run (bus toplogy) up to 300 feet with RJ-11 (telephony) jacks/plugs/cords. Each head contains relay and audio/visual alarm devices. In absence of PC (master) control, peer-to-peer network propagates alarm notification to all locations. Attach to PC via USB/serial 'dongle' for data-logging, charting, dial-in/dial-out, web access, etc. Powered by 6-40 VDC.

Status: Under development

Target cost: sub-$100/head

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