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Speaker's Corner

submitted by Lori Lori - 02.12.29

"I caught this the other day on MuchMusic (Canadian music video station). It is the opening for 'Speakers Corner' and the image is of an eye with blue static inside, and a ring surrounding it. Anyway it made me think of Samara and how her room in the barn was a sort of private 'Speakers Corner' booth. After all, she just wanted to be heard." speakers.avi

This fits in nicely with Samara's nensha abilities. Thanks Lori Lori!

Singing find

submitted by Jim - 03.03.12

"Seems like on every ring site out there that the video has been analyzed up and down, but I find the audio to be a bit intriguing. I wanted to rip that high-pitched "seagull" sound for a windows event sound when I began stumbling across hidden little things in the audio. I have a bit of experience with audio mixing and sampling, and have been playing with sound for several years. Well, when I took the audio off the video and started finding a clear snippet of the noise, I heard a voice talking. My heart jumped so I instantly ripped a better digital copy and began running filters through the audio, and found, about 15 seconds into the track, a child (girl?) SINGING! I enclosed a severely filtered clip of the singing. But if you don't believe me, try it yourself. It can faintly be heard without any filtering, but it becomes intensely clearer by running a few simple presets on any wav editor. Enjoy, pass this on to anyone you think may have some ability in extracting the sound and figure out what's being said! Best of luck! ~Jim"

girl singing (172KB MP3)
Becca Remix

submitted by DJ Lost Johnny - 03.02.02

Becka vol 1 (437KB WAV)

Samara Soundboard

courtesy of remmiz - June 2003

Samara Soundboard (86KB SWF)


Strange image    submitted by Felix (a.k.a. Quali) from Germany - 03.11.01

"I've got found something in the cursed video from The Ring. Where Anna Morgan turns to look at you, there is something like a leg of a spider. It moves... Look the Video, there you can see it. I've cut this scene from the cursed video and built-in a red arrow."

Anna Morgan Scene (665KB MPG)

fan art

submitted by Jinniyah - May 2003

submitted by Zelda - June 2003

submitted by Carol-Ann - June 2003

submitted by nicole edwards - July 2003

submitted by sorna - July 2003

submitted by janie - July 2003

(wood and polymer clay) submitted by Katie - aka atanapotnia - Sept. 2003

Rick Powell of Oak Forest, IL
Pic by his wife Sandy

Submitted November 2003

Submitted by Whitney

November 2003

"My costume turned out great. I got "Best Senior" and "Most Scary" in my school (teachers vote) I did a whole act on the morning news because I was in the TV productions class and at the end whispered into the mic everyone will suffer then we had a full screen flash of the ring like they sometimes did in the movie (between scenes) at lunch I sat in an old chair with my hair covering my face with a snowy tv on the ground next to was fun..."


11 year old daughter (Tayler) as Samara Morgan on Halloween 2003

Submitted by Donna - November 2003

Submitted by Jo - November 2003

Submitted by Jonathan - November 2003


Submitted by Sorna - November 2003


Submitted by Sara - February 2004

Submitted by Alex - January 2004

Submitted by Dane - May 2004

Ring-inspired art


Submitted by David - November 2003

Ring wallpaper

Submitted by Brad - December 2003

fan fiction

The Ring: the latter part - submitted by tom_miya - July 2003


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