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Select the scope of the search according to the range of interest. "vestibule" searches all vestibule pages and image captions, but does not examine the Ring forum archive. "rf archive" restricts the search to Ring forum archive posts only. "All" searches everything.

To execute a search, click the flashlight search icon.

Searches are not case sensitive. EG: Dog will find dog and DOG.

Multiple search parameters may be provided. Parameters must be separated by spaces.

Search results return a hot link to a matched page as well as first 250 characters of the text surrounding the last-specified matching keyword.


If no operator is specified, the search parameter must be found for search results to be returned. (DO NOT use the inclusion operator "+" as it is implied) .

The exclusion operator is a minus sign (-) in front of a search parameter. EG -cat (no spaces) .

The (uppercase) OR operator permits any one found sub-group of parameters to return search results.

Keyword(s) search

Each specified keyword must be found. Use the exclude operator (-) to exclude undesired words from search results.

EG: cat dog -mouse finds text containing the words "cat" and "dog" but not "mouse".

Use the OR operator to search for alternate words.

EG: cat OR dog finds text containing the word "cat" or "dog".

Phrase(s) search

To find an exact phrase, enclose the phrase in double quotes. EG: "find this phrase". The exclusion and OR operators apply to phrase searches too.

Complex searches

Any combination of keywords and phrases may be used in a search. Please note that all phrases and keywords between OR operators are treated as a group whose members must all return a true result in order for a match to be made.


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