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citizen of the Loopworld
(8/2/02 10:00:01 am)
It's occured to me that I've never really read too much about the books we all enjoy, so I thought I'd start us off. There's an English authoer called Christopher Fowler who's really good, especially his short story collections and two books called Rune and Darkest Day (but all worth looking at). Michael Slade is good fun, full of lashings of sex and violence clinincally described, but you need to read them in order, and after Zombie, the get a bit weaker. Worth reading the first five though (Headhunter, Ghoul, Cutthroat, Ripper and Zombie, which I think was called Evil Eye in the USA). Lincoln Preston is good, although mainly thrillers (The Relic was a horror, which I thought was good, even if the film was a bit naff and the sequal to the book, Reliquary, very weak).

Mark Frost's The List of Seven is good, everything by CArl Hiaasen is ace and J G Ballard just kicks ass. Don't believe me? Read Cocaine Nights and see if I'm wrong, or Crash.

Well, this might start us off (sound like some terrible group leader, don't I?). Anyone got any other authors that are good? Let me know.


out from the well
(8/2/02 3:43:45 pm)
Re: Books
Joe R. Lansdale, baby, yeah!
Joe has written many witty phrases, such as
"You fvck with me, tomorrow your relatives will be splitting up your belongings."
"Their faces were as warm and friendly as a switchblade."
"If you have never seen an agitated squirrel you have seen very little."
His books are FUNNAY! Esp. The Leonard Pine and Hap Collins series. Check it out!

manipulator of the Virus
(8/3/02 8:33:58 am)
Re: Books
Try Dean Koontz ;)
Watchers by him is good... Midnight is also reccomended.

--Nadare no Honou--

manipulator of the Virus
(8/3/02 5:50:21 pm)
Re: Books
Ah, Watchers was excellent! I havent read that in forever. Thanks for the memories Nadare!

manipulator of the Virus
(8/3/02 8:57:43 pm)
Re: Books
If you like your horror stories good n dark and with a surreal twist I can strongly recommend Clive Barker I especially liked Weaveworld despite it not being a horror per se does anyone know if there was a follow-up?

Huw Lines
manipulator of the Virus
(8/6/02 9:47:10 pm)
Re: Books
I thought Clive Barker started out quite promisingly with the Books of Blood and The Hellbound Heart, and his first novel The Damnation Game, but since then he's been a disappointment, churning out all those horrible telephone directory-size fantasy/horror/mainstream-crossover novels.

I second Rebecca's recommendation of Joe R. Lansdale - I haven't read all of his stuff, but what I have read is good, especially the collection By Bizarre Hands.

My personal favourites of the contemporary writes are:

LISA TUTTLE (Memories of the Body, A Nest of Nightmares, Ghosts and Other Lovers, The Pillow Friend, My Pathology, etc.)

RAMSEY CAMPBELL (The Darkest Part of the Woods, Incarnate, The Nameless, Alone With the Horrors, Scared Stiff: Tales of Sex and Death, etc.)

ROBERT AICKMAN (any of his 'strange stories' especially Dark Entries, Sub Rosa, Powers of Darkness, and Tales of Love and Death)

JONATHAN AYCLIFFE (The Lost, The Vanishment, The Matrix, Whispers in the Dark)

PETER ACKROYD (Hawksmoor, First Light)

TIM POWERS (Declare, The Anubis Gates, Expiration Date, Night Moves,etc.)

JONATHAN CARROLL (White Apples, The Land of Laughs, Outside the Dog Museum, A Child Across the Sky, The Panic Hand)

T.E.D. KLEIN (Dark Gods, The Ceremonies - very Lovecraftian)

LUCIUS SHEPARD (The Jaguar Hunter, The Ends of the Earth, Life During Wartime, Green Eyes, The Golden,etc.)

HARLAN ELLISON (Deathbird Stories, Strange Wine, Shatterday, Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled, Paingod, Angry Candy, etc.)

RICHARD MATHESON (Hell House, I am Legend, any of his short stories)

ANGELA CARTER (The Bloody Chamber, Fireworks, The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffmann, The Magic Toyshop, etc.)

Those are just a few of the modern authors I like - there are too many to mention at once;)

out from the well
(8/7/02 8:27:35 am)
Re: Books
Although horror makes up most of my bookshelf, I also have recently got into books by Guy Burt (although there are only three right now)

His books - After The Hole, Sophie and The Dandelion Clock - are class if you like books which are quite ambigious and require a bit of thinking on the part of the reader. The Dandelion Clock in particular is great and it is the first non-horror book I read since I was at school and I can honestly say it was ace.

Apart from that though it's mostly the classic Stephen King that I read. Desperation and it's "alternate" version, The Regulators (written under King's pen-name, Richard Bachman) are still my all time faves.