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(12/4/02 11:44:17 pm)
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Why aren't there any fanfiction?
You know, after watching Ringu and the American version, The Ring, I thought, why not make a fanfiction out of it? I mean, why not make an experience in watching the video tape and of what happened during the seven days and afterwards?

I haven't thought of one just yet, but soon. I need to throw my TV sets out since I just watched this video with this weird girl going up, out of a creepy well.


I think it was Madonna.

Anyway, false alarm. May I ask something? If you so happen to be given two copies of the cursed video, does that mean you'll die after fourteen days instead of seven?

the chosen infected
(12/4/02 11:46:05 pm)
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Re: Why aren't there any fanfiction?
there are ringu fanfics on ringworld, and there's a forum piece going on the sadako forum. that being said, try your hand.. we can always use more ^^


further down the Spiral
(12/5/02 2:12:59 am)
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How 'bout ones with Katie and Becca?

Katie: Becca, quit being a bitch! Where's the remote? .... Becca, quit it!
Becca (upstairs): Quit what!?
Katie: I swear! If you turn on the damn tv again...
Becca: Whatever, you ho.
Katie: Did you flood the toilet!?
Becca: No!
Samara: Sorry...
Katie (opens door): Ahhhhhhhhhh! ...You stained the damn carpet; my mother's gonna kill me!
Samara: Now you know how I feel! Why don't you try crawling out of a well and not get everything wet!?
Becca: Please stop. I got a headache, and where is your mother's freaking vicodin, Katie? Seriously...
Katie: ...Bitch.
Becca: Slut.
Samara (tries to crawl back into tv to avoid coming argument but tv unplugged by Katie): ...Please make it stop...

Fun with audio:

Aidan (notices Rachel staring through rear view mirror): ...What!?
Becca: Oh my God, you're such a ho!
Katie: You totally fell for it!
Katie/Becca's friend 1: She was dating this guy, Josh. He goes to Revere. It was kind of a secret.
Katie/Becca's friend 2: Kind of!!!???
Noah: Jerk off.
Noah: Come on; we watched it; we're hangin'!
Rachel: Hey Noah, can you pretend for one minute that I don't read video geek magazine?
Rachel (at Aidan): ...GO TO YOUR ROOM!

There are more, but I can't think of 'em.

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the chosen infected
(12/5/02 2:33:05 am)
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Re: Reply
:lol More!

Bruised Pristine
Sadako slave
(12/18/02 1:14:10 am)
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Re: Ring Fanfic
Sorry, I'm WAY behind on this, but I wrote a Ring fanfic awhile ago (Let Go of the World) and maryinthemirror/MonkeyCrack Mary wrote this story. There's also a story called Conundrums by Buffonia.

Hope you enjoy them.

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ring rasen loop
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(12/18/02 7:56:00 am)
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A Question:
Currently fanfiction appears in .txt format (for ease of downloading / saving. How brazen!)

The question I have is, should I preserve this format or switch over to HTML? Which would be easier for you, the reader?


the chosen infected
(12/18/02 11:28:39 am)
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Re: A Question:
My 2 cents:

I usually like to read voluminous text as hardcopy. It's easy to cut-and-paste straight text to something like Word and then change the font style and size from there to make it easier on the eyes. So my opinion is that if HTML is to be used, please keep it very printer friendly; alternatively, HTML formatted in such a way that it can still be readily copied to the clipboard without being jumbled-up due to the use of multiple table cells.

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