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Why Noah was in the chair.
One recurring question is how did Noah end up in the chair? No one knows exactly how he got there, but a chair was a very powerful symbol for Samara: There was a chair in front of her TV in the barn. She sat in a chair when she was interrogated by Dr Scott. There is a chair in the cursed video which morphs into a larger chair and then another even bigger one almost too rapidly to notice. The same chair appears seconds later spinning upside down. One prominent image in the movie was when Rachel woke up Aidens baby sitter, asleep in a reclining chair in the same position as Noahs body. It seems to me that to Samara, a chair symbolized subjugation and imprisonment. She was forced to sit in chairs by the dominant male authority figures in her life.
Any thoughts?


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(11/22/02 2:21:35 am)
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Re: Why Noah was in the chair.
We should form a comittee on this; you can chair :lol

There's also a prominent chair in the centapede sequence. I've been scratching my head about the curse tape chair. Like the ladder, first it's in one orientation, then another. I don't have an answer.

The babysitter/Noah chair thing was, IMO, a typical thriller device. With the baby sitter, we were filled with apprehension, followed by anticlimax. We would normally have had our guard down when she approached Noah's chair, except the device was ineffective because we had seen what Noah had recently experienced (and also the effect of that experience on Katie). My opinon on this one: build up to a cheap, derivative thrill.

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Re: Why Noah was in the chair.
remember rachel's vision of samara sitting on a chair in her apartment, over a puddle of water? replace samara with bloaty-noah and there you go.

i'm fairly convinced that samara set noah up that way because she knew that rachel would discover him. after all, rachel WAS trying to call him at the time of his fate catching up to him.

now, the question is.. if samara wanted to set that up, WHY?

to scare rachel into figuring out the cure and passing the tape along to save aidan? that's my best theory.


she never sleeps...

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(11/22/02 4:18:27 am)
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Re: Why Noah was in the chair.
I agree, miharu. But don't you think Rachael would have been just as scared and just as motivated had she found Noah simply crumpled on the floor?

Anyhow, the death positions subject has been dissected left, right and center on this thread:

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pargo the rookie
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the chair
My brother has that exact chair (hand me down from Dad). I'll never look at it the same again.

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Re: the chair
Did anyone notice that the first chair scene in the video ahad the chair upside down in only one frame?

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(11/22/02 5:15:36 pm)
Samara likes chairs. Not couches, because the man who invented the couch stole from the man who invented the chair, he just glued two chairs together. Samara frowns upon those who cannot have an original thought and therefore makes alot of chairs appear in her videos and even seats victims in chairs, crying out for the rights of the first chair's inventor. Samara is an activist, and my hero. Fight the power.

Turtle God Kame
(11/22/02 5:24:15 pm)
"Samara frowns upon those who cannot have an original thought"

she's one to talk!


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Re: heh
The Turtle lands an uppercut. Samara reels. But look, she's getting to her