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Sadako slave
(11/10/02 12:48:22 pm)
The babysitter?
In the American remake, is it just me or did Aidan's babysitter see the video, too?
When Rachel comes home and wakes up the babysitter sitting in the chair in front of a TV full of static, the babysitter seems scared and uneasy. She talks about Aidan "drawing her picture" and telling stories and stuff. I don't know if I'm right on this, but it just seems to me that she saw Samara's tape, too.
Perhaps there is more with her that was cut out of the final version?

further down the Spiral
(11/10/02 1:14:04 pm)
Re: The babysitter?
That is rather interesting. Maybe its just put that way to make you think. When I saw the movie the first time, I thought it was Samara sitting there again and I was on the edge of my seat. Isn't the babysitter the main character from the tv show "Less Then Perfect?"

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out from the well
(11/10/02 2:08:59 pm)
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Re: The babysitter?
When Rachel got home, the babysitter was sleeping like an angel. I suspect that would not have been the case had she recently received a call telling her that she's got seven days. Her nervousness upon waking struck me as awkward self-consciousness about having fallen alseep on the job....

citizen of the Loopworld
(11/10/02 2:53:39 pm)
Re: The babysitter?
she seemed a bit spooked.

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Turtle God Kame
(11/10/02 3:02:01 pm)
if you had to babysit that freak of a child, you'd be on edge too! damn he spooks me! but he wasnt as good as yoichi! eh gibal?

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further down the Spiral
(11/10/02 7:25:22 pm)
Re: comeon
i think she was just nervous becaus she had fallend asleep.. and it was her first day... thats all.. dont think she saw the tape.. dont think she'd have been sleeping if she did...