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the chosen infected
(12/12/02 2:07:52 am)
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Ring-related interviews/conference proposal
Whereas our venerable administratorís ringworld web site and the Ring forum community have arguably become the preeminent international resource centers and hubs of interest for Ring-related matters, and

Whereas such fair an equal billing is provided to all flavors and sources of books, movies and other media related to the Ring story,

Now therefore I think it would be most appropriate for the various creative originators of such source materials to make themselves available to be interviewed by j. for the benefit of all the Ringworms who have come to rely so heavily on and greatly appreciate the content and idea exchanging resources of ringworld and the Ring Forum.

While I can see the people associated with Dreamworks being somewhat reluctant to do so at this juncture in the interests of maintaining a level of mystery leading up to the release of a remake sequel, I see no reason why the Asian writers, publishers and filmmakers ought not want to acknowledge their many fans here and participate in the exercise. Notwithstanding their other priorities, surely the Dreamworks people could participate on at least a limited basis.

Itís my thinking that either one-on-one interviews could be conducted that cover unresolved topics of on-going interest. Better still a moderated web-conference could be arranged with a panel of knowledgeable and willing participants fielding real-time questions from Ringworms all over the world.

I thought that I would start a topic to float the idea and see if there is interest out there in such an exercise, and whether support could be counted on to solve any logistical problems that may present themselves in relation to such an endeavor.

citizen of the Loopworld
(12/12/02 3:33:25 am)
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Re: Ring-related interviews/conference proposal
I definatley support this idea, my only worry is that it could suddenly turn out that the creators never even thought about or noticed our mysteries..

everyone will suffer
(12/13/02 12:27:03 am)
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Re: Ring-related interviews/conference proposal
Um...considering J. had an interview with Gore Verbinski before the remake was even finished and he had word about the original getting a legit release in the U.S. long before anyone else, I'd say, yeah, they're very aware of Ringworld.

Hey, I got a sig: Bakka-chicka-wah-wah! (It's the closest I could come up with for onomotopeia for porn music.)

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ring rasen loop
Administrator, Ring guru
(12/13/02 12:34:22 am)
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Re: Ring-related interviews/conference proposal
1) You guys are all fantastic!

2) The Hollywood-ites certainly seemed to know of ringworld when I was there.

3) People know about it on the Japanese internet (I have a habit of gate-crashing chat rooms and starting to ramble on about the Ring) but I don't think anyone involved with the originals knows about the site. If they do, they're being pretty tight-lipped :| .

But hey, I got an e-mail from Dennis Martin, who did the soundtrack to the Rasen TV series :) .


the chosen infected
(12/13/02 1:55:35 am)
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Re: Ring-related interviews/conference proposal
Perhaps I miscommunicated if it seems that I implied that ringworld/forum are unknown to these various people. To be more explicit, my point is that recently the community has grown very dramatically in size and traffic. So besides the excellent standing and credibility that ringworld already enjoyed previously, now there is additionally this large 'constituency' that ought to merit the serious attention of the artists and writers to respond to the desire of many Ringworms for more meaningful information than is presented in your average magazine article or talk show segment.