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(12/18/02 1:16:08 pm)
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Photo of Shelter Mtn Inn on Richard Morgans wall
There was a photo of what looked like Shelter Mtn Inn on Richard Morgans wall when he was talking to Rachel. It must have been a favorite place of the Morgans and already an Inn when they took Samara to the well. Maybe they even owned the property since it had horses.


(12/18/02 1:26:28 pm)
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Re: Photo of Shelter Mtn Inn on Richard Morgans wall
This was discussed in an earlier thread. As soon as someone can point it out to me, I'd like to divert this thread there.

the chosen infected
(12/18/02 1:28:02 pm)
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Re: Photo of Shelter Mtn Inn on Richard Morgans wall
Welcome back, sir! Haven't 'seen' you for a while. I'm assembling a catalog of images in the vestibule. I'll be sure to find and add that one.

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Sadako slave
(12/19/02 12:19:05 am)
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richard morgan and the tape.
heres the way i imagine it happening: richard morgan is driven a wee bit insane after he finds annas suicide note confessing to the murder of samara. after all, he did abuse samara all those years, and she never forgave him. he spends most of his time home, longing for his wife and daughter to come back. but occasionally he makes a trip back to shelter mtn. to pray to samaras ghost for forgiveness. yes, he does own it, and he builds 1 cabin there. you know which one i speak of. after a while, he's got no job, so he sells the old cabin and the property surrounding it, on the condition that they leave the original cabin up. but, one time that he was there, 'something' inspired him to pop a tape in the vcr, resulting in everyones favorite home video. then the phone call comes, but instead of 'seven days' it says something along the lines of 'father'. richard thinks that the video is a message from his daughter, and the phone call confirms it: she has forgiven him. but instead of killing him, samara lets him live. i mean, after all that abuse, she deserves 30 years to torture him. fianlly, he gets fed up with it, and off's himself in a rather unpleasant way. however, he never brought the tape back to moesko island, so it remains at the inn. until, of course, katie finds it.

that is a long rambling theory, and it probably makes little sense, as i was creating it as i went, mostly. but it makes sense to me. look closer.