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further down the Spiral
(12/7/02 1:31:46 pm)
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I need a screenshot of Rachel about to fall into the well!
I need a screenshot of Rachel when she's about to fall into the well--you know, when she has her arms outspread right after the TV hits her? I would do it myself with my copy of The Ring on Kazaa, but Kazaa has decided it doesn't want to work for me. Would a nice person please get me a screenshot of this scene? I need it for my website :/ Thanks, all!

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Turtle God Kame
(12/7/02 1:37:50 pm)
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ya know, I have never had luck rippin a pic from an avi... how would you do it?

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out from the well
(12/7/02 1:40:15 pm)
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Re: I need a screenshot of Rachel about to fall into the wel
The most obvious way would be to simply find a good screenshot program, and use that. I ought to find a good screenshot program myself one of these days.

I'm sure there's other programs that'll rip a frame directly from the .avi, but unless you already have one of those, just taking a screenshot would be easier.

the chosen infected
(12/7/02 2:48:33 pm)
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Re: I need a screenshot of Rachel about to fall into the wel
Ido it the hard way: Print Screen the paused player, paste to Paint, crop and clip into Photopaint and from there convert to jpeg. Problem is, the rips have very poor quality and a blue tinge.

Kings Ghost 
further down the Spiral
(12/7/02 6:52:01 pm)
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Re: I need a screenshot of Rachel about to fall into the wel
HyperSnap is the best screen shot program for DVD and Avi files. has it and astalavista has the crack! :)

O Deka K
citizen of the Loopworld
(12/8/02 1:35:17 pm)
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Re: Screenshots
The easiest way I've found to take screenshots from an AVI is to use VirtualDub. You can quickly scan through the keyframes by holding shift and moving the slider. When you get close, you can use the arrows to go to the exact frame you want. Then all you have to do is go to "Copy source frame to the clipboard" in the Video menu. Paste it into IrfanView (another great program) and save it as any format you want.

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Sadako slave
(12/8/02 6:51:24 pm)
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A request
As many of you probably don't know, I was the winner of the Ebay auction for Aidan's "over the bed" picture. (The one that spelt out his name.) So I'm looking for someone that has a picture of it (doesn't have to be a screen capture) that they can send me/post. Obviously, the clearer, the better.

Doctor Scott
further down the Spiral
(12/9/02 9:38:26 pm)
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What keywords do you guys use when you go Googling for RING stuff? I keep coming up with Lord of The Rings Sites. phooey :(

Felix Underhill
manipulator of the Virus
(12/9/02 9:41:10 pm)
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Re: google?
I would recommend doing a search for "+the ring -lord -of". The plus adds "the" which otherwise would be ignored as being too common. The minus ignores hits with those words.

Sadako's Apprentice

everyone will suffer
(12/10/02 12:27:35 am)
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Re: google?
I use Soundforge 6.0 to extract any frame from films and any audio segment. It is actually an overkill because it is a pro audio and video editing software with DirectX and it is not cheap. I use it for mastering, recording, and editing.

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