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Robert Konerka
(11/23/02 4:34:56 pm)
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Day 0
23 November 2002, 23:37

Regards to all of you ! I heard of this site some time ago, and now, after I watched The Ring, I want to communicate with some of the fellow fans (as for I'm certainly a fan of this disturbing yet beautiful movie). Actually, to strike a conversation, I would like to tell you a story of what happened to me just after I left the cinema. As I was waiting for the bus, a geeky looking man approached me. "I saw you back there" - he said. I didn't know what he meant - I was a little spooked to say the truth. "I have the tape. I got it on test screening". Well, lucky him, but I still didn't know what he wanted. "I can give it to you, if you'll promise me you'll watch it". "Umm, sure" - I answered. He grabbed my hand and violently put the tape in it. "Thanks" - he whispered and just disappeared in the fog. Actually, the prescreening he was talking about took place about six days ago - I live in a small, European country, you probably never heard about - Prossland (its on the east - check your map). Having just watched the movie, I was kind of freaked out by this guy, but as a rationally thinking 22-yrs old, I found it hard to believe that it was indeed a cursed tape. But hey - as long as it wasn't a midget porn video, I don't much care. Still though, the closer I was to home, the more excited I go. And you know what - I'm going watch it this midnight, and I will tell you how it went. Expect another post past midnight (it's 23:36 here).

Robert Konerka

everyone will suffer
(11/23/02 5:01:25 pm)
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Re: Day 0
Cool! This sounds intriguing. I'm getting my popcorn ready....

(Prossland hasn't joined the United Nations yet, but let's see where this goes)

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further down the Spiral
(11/23/02 5:06:26 pm)
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Re: Day 0
sounds like a cool story. I'm with inteferon.

Sadako slave
(12/7/02 11:30:56 am)
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i once saw oompa loompa porn for about thirty seconds before leaving the room at a party. much more disturbing than the ring. especially the parody of the oompa loompa song they were singing ...

Turtle God Kame
(12/7/02 11:54:56 am)
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arg! damnit man! I did not need that image in my head! ahhhhhhhhhh!


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