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Sadako slave
(11/20/02 8:07:54 am)
Australian version of The Ring [Remake] different?
G'day all,

I've been reading with fervent awe at some of the posts here, and after I saw it the other day it has really helped open up all those bits I didnt have a clue on.
I came out of it and said to myself, 'Well, it had some freaky ass moments, but im not sure what the...arg...ending..huh?"

Then I read up on the original series, and as soon as I got the part about making acopy and showing, the ending clicked, then everything grew from there as I continued reading and drawing my own conclusions.

But i do have a question...
I read on posts throuhout the 15 pages of topics that the ending had Aidon being helped to copy a tape by Rachael, he then asks "What about who we show it to ?", and then theres supposedly a series of flashing images from the cursed video.

Now, unless my subconscious really kicked in overload and I didnt see it, or there was something wrong with the cut, or it was edited from Australian versions?
I remember it ending with Aidon asking the question, Rachael looking at him, then bam, black screen, credits.

Any feedback from those who know, or other Aussies would be nice.

Oh, just another tidbit to you all about freaky stuff regarding The Ring,
In the 20-30 odd minutes of ads before the movie (Candy bar, paid-for slide style advertisements for real estate groups and caryards, and movie previews) I noticed something odd, and it really stuck out. Everytime the ad changed and came on screen, there would appear that burning effect when the film is exposed to the heat, and you see those misty patterns 'burn away'
It wasnt till the Dreamworks logo did the whole glitching, then the rest of the film did it fit in and whoah.
Either projector problems, or someone knows farking excellent marketing !

Now, anyone in Aus who knows how good a Greater Union Senstadium is, will know how good The Ring would be. I was sure as hell going to see it in one, and I darn well did, and going to go again ASAP!

For those who dont know, picture your normal cinema theatre.
Now, double the interior setaing space and the screen, make the seats have enough room to slouch and still have a foot between knees and chair in front (And Im 6'3 tall!), and then about 20 odd speakers surrounding around the room, with Dolby Surround.

Im generally not freaked by horror movies and the shlocky imagery unless its like Silence of The lambs where its pretty much psychological and thought.
But this.....this really got to me, especially Katey in the closet, and that damn Samara glitch when she comes for Noah.....damnit !
it was so akin to the Twin girls in Kubrick's The Shining when they just flashed, and like a subliminal message you knew you saw it, and you knew it was there, but damn did it give you a mental mindfark !

Im gonna try and get the original versions on DVD and compare , and then dear god, the day the remake is on DVD, guess who'll be waiting in anticipation :D

A brand spanking new Ring fan,

Turtle God Kame
(11/20/02 2:39:58 pm)
how bout the scene where she kills noah... did she have the stupid manson face or regular spooky little girl face?

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(11/20/02 5:49:25 pm)
Well the Australian version is exactly the same as far as i know the movie ends the same in the USA too. And to answer your question yes she does have stupid manson face here too :P

manipulator of the Virus
(11/20/02 7:23:43 pm)
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Re: Re:
Are we talking Charlie M. or Marilyn M? I suppose either would do - but the Rob Zombie comparission is the most right on!

Felix Underhill
citizen of the Loopworld
(11/20/02 9:09:28 pm)
Re: Australian version of The Ring [Remake] different?
Yes, I noticed the quick flash of images from the video at the end. ...or, was I the only one? :eek

Sadako's Apprentice

Sadako slave
(11/20/02 9:10:54 pm)
Oh God
Well then what the _Hell_ happened at the end when I went to see it ? No random flashing imagery from the video...unless I saw it but subconscious blocked it and replaced with black..


This movie just gets better and better !

out from the well
(11/21/02 1:17:26 am)
Re: Oh God
It's pretty quick but you still should have seen it. Maybe the theatre you were at had a jacked-up version?

Turtle God Kame
(11/21/02 3:03:54 am)
IT IS OFFICIAL!!! I asked my friends who I saw the sneak preview with and they all confirmed that it was in fact CHILD SAMARA WITH SMIRK that was in the version we saw.

if any production staff reads this... CHANGE IT BACK NOW! THE ROB ZOMBIE FACE IS HORRID AND IS JUST SHATTERING TO MY HEART TO SEE!!! dont ya know when you take tests you never change the awnsers! your first choice is most likely the best! please change it for the dvd! that be sooooo much better!

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manipulator of the Virus
(11/21/02 6:24:08 am)
who says it is rob zombie
i think that face was perfect. She looks like the lead singer of deicide. Due to years in the well, her body and face should show and it did, water damage. Sadako in Ringu was not convincing. Even her clothes looked like she had just gotten them from the cleaners.

Sadako slave
(11/21/02 6:25:11 am)
Re: Australian version of The Ring [Remake] different?

Im sure as hell it was not there, I seriously do not know if my subconsciouswas so buggered by the end it blocked it (like Selective hearing)

Or the movie cinema jacked up

I'm seeing it again tomorrow now that Ive read and learnt so much, to glimpse and be amazed by Becca (like a certain other member here hehe) and to be shocked again by Katie :P

If there is no flashing of imagery or anything after Aiden at the end, then I'm gonna go talk to the manager (and nto one of the freakish little imps behind the desk hehe) and tell him to check it

Or I'll just get lazy and walk away still freaked :D

out from the well
(11/21/02 10:23:14 am)
Re: Australian version of The Ring [Remake] different?
The Aussie version does have the flashing imagery in the ending, it's easy to miss though, the implication being of course now that everyone in the cinema is now infected.


the chosen infected
(11/21/02 12:43:49 pm)
Re: Australian version of The Ring [Remake] different?
InfluxDatum, in Japan, there's a particular significance to the white color. White is the 'color' of death. So, the immaculate white dress serves the purpose of accentuating that meaning.

In occidental culture, it's the black. White has no such meaning. In order to convey the 'scary' nature of Samara properly, it was chosen to turn her in an ugly monster, recurring to depict in detail what happens to someone when staying inside a dirty muddy well for years (at least in the final version). So, the white detail has no meaning.

In the Japanese version, there are a lot of cultural 'symbols' such as this, which don't work very obviously in the western culture.

The changes applied to the remake are more cultural than technical...

everyone will suffer
(11/21/02 12:59:34 pm)
they use it in China too (HK is black i believe, damn Brits! erm... me!)
Also that Swatztiga (er...spelling?:P) is a buddist symbol that is added to a dead persons coffin :)

so... if someone see it on a coffin they aren't nazi's...but buddists :)

Hitler stole it... c*ck

the chosen infected
(11/21/02 1:05:39 pm)
White is dead
heh, in eastern culture in general, I meant.


(11/21/02 1:05:42 pm)
Another interesting change in going from original to remake is that Verbinski horizontally "flipped" some of the shots that he duplicated from the original, for reasons probably related to the fact that some elements in Japanese culture are "the other way" from what we have in America: pages in Japanese books flip open the opposite way and cars drive on the other side of the street (and hence, the driver's side of the car is on the right), for example.

A couple of instances that immediately come to mind are Anna's mirror shots in the cursed video, and Aidan and Noah's meeting in the rain.

further down the Spiral
(11/21/02 4:27:07 pm)
Re: Australian version of The Ring [Remake] different?
what is a fark/farking? :lol