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citizen of the Loopworld
(11/20/02 8:04:00 am)
Anna's "Suicide"
I was re-reading old topics and I think it was devilworm who brought up the possibility that the SM0015 tape may have been "cursed" as well.

Let's just say that the doctor at Eola who dies, dies during the recording of SM0015. As we all know, the tape ends abruptly. Perhaps the disturbing death scene is erased or edited out or whatever.

After Samara's death, Richard checks out the tape and watches it-disturbed, he says "Honey-take a look at this" and shows it to Anna.

7 days later-Richard witnesses Samara come after Anna-in fright, Anna ends up swan-diving over the cliff (Like Kaite's boyfriend)

Richard realizes he lived because he made a copy.

FF 24 years to Rachel showing up with a tape. Richard suspects, but he can't be sure. All he knows is, he's managed to keep her evil contained within him and within SM0015. But now he knows she never sleeps, she'll never stop.

Despondent, he watches SM0015, in a lame attempt to put the curse back on himself, and he kills himself, the tape, and all Morgan A/V equipment, the "breeding stock" if you will, in a spectacularly horrific suicide....

What he doesn't know, is Samara will always find a way, frustrated that her curse has ended with her mother, that her father won't show the tape to anyone else, she burns the cabin 12 tape while the neice of a reporter is there.

What he doesn't know, is everyone will suffer, sooner or later.

(this is a theory-there could be variations, the SM0015 tape killed the doctor when he watched it, etc...)

further down the Spiral
(11/20/02 9:42:01 am)
the first thing i wondered when seeing the tape's file name ... where are SM0001 through SM0014??

i don't think Richard made a copy of the SM0015 tape, it's labeled "SM0015" in old-fashioned typewritten style just like the label at the hospital. i think he went and got all he could to try to figure out what exactly Samara was.

my theory about the tape cutting off just after she says "But he doesn't know ..." and looking directly at the camera (not the doctor!) is that she knew she had powers to make images that could kill ... perhaps she made some disturbing images right then and there, like the thermographs. it'd explain why the cursed tape doesn't look like a first effort.


manipulator of the Virus
(11/20/02 3:05:09 pm)
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Re: Anna's "Suicide"
This is a very interesting theory and is plausible (to me) in many ways. Thanks.

One possible hole: Rachael saw SM0015 too, but didn't make a copy - and yet survived. Would she have been saved under the 'blanket policy' of having copied any other curse tape (no matter how many different curse tapes were seen)?

further down the Spiral
(11/20/02 3:08:39 pm)
Re: SM0015
"Despondent, he watches SM0015, in a lame attempt to put the curse back on himself, and he kills himself, the tape, and all Morgan A/V equipment, the "breeding stock" if you will, in a spectacularly horrific suicide...."

Nah. I mean, he knows Rachel made a copy so killing himself won't end the curse. He might just kill himself in despair though so I'll buy that part of it. But I too wonder about SM001-14.

Next to the tape the orderly pulls out are 2 more, they look slightly different but the labels can just BARELY be seen on screen. Could these be some of the missing tapes? However the blurry Ring copies we have aren't good enough to see what they say. We will have to wait for the DVD.

(11/20/02 3:13:44 pm)
The cassette itself
I don't think SM0015 was cursed. Richard Morgan got it back out after Rachels first visit. It was in the VCR ready to go when Rachel arrived the second time. My other question: Did VHS cassettes like that even exist in '78? Weren't they much larger?


manipulator of the Virus
(11/20/02 8:01:12 pm)
The tape from the cabin was indeed cursed. I don't think that there is any indication in the movie that the medical tape SM0015 was cursed in any way.

I find it hard to believe that a hospital or mental health facility would have a/v material from a patient scattered all throught the facility. I did not see shelf room for volumes SM0001 - SM0014.

everyone will suffer
(11/20/02 8:33:31 pm)
Re: nah...
perhaps whatever was taped in 01-14 was inconsequential to samara's condition.

my interpretation through scouring through the official website and just plain remembering stuff from the movie is this (loosely quoted):

Samara: but he doesn't know.
Doctor: he doesn't know what, Samara?
Samara: everyone will suffer...

Doctor: *dead*


she never sleeps...

manipulator of the Virus
(11/20/02 9:36:24 pm)
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Compliments to the hospital for not plastering a patient's full name on a casette containig such personal material. Discretion is a good idea in case the tape gets into the wrong hands. They could have used other ciphers to label tapes, but it appears that that simply went with the patient's initials. Over the years they no doubt had more than one patient with the initial's "S.M." and perhaps Samara Morgan was the 15th. There aren't necessarily 14 preceding Samara tapes.

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manipulator of the Virus
(11/20/02 9:55:45 pm)
my point
no tapes sm0001 - sm0014

citizen of the Loopworld
(11/21/02 5:02:21 pm)
Re: my point
It's just a theory.

I definately think the tape went to static because the doctor dropped dead. And it wasn't from Lung cancer.

Someone erased that part. Either the hospital or Richard.

Now I've morphed my theory slightly. To be able to kill you, Samara needs to have her "fingerprints" on you-the formatting concept.

Well, now that she's dead, the only way she can do that is either with the tape, or maybe with a psychic person, like Aidan.

But her mother had already had images burned in her head. Her father too-but she may have been keeping her father alive to torture him. I think she wanted her Mommy with her.
"I Love My Mommy"
Hmm. Maybe it's Anna that comes out of the tv. Grown up, long black hair. There's got to be a reason they used an adult...

Sadako slave
(11/21/02 5:53:51 pm)
Re: my point
I dont think there was a curse on the hospital tape since the whole story revolves around a curse that makes you live out Samara's 7 days in the well and she obviously isn't dead when the hospital tape is made.

That doesn't mean the doc doesnt die though. We really don't know how or why Samara ends released from the hospital. All we know is that Samara ends up at home and then Anna kills her eventually.