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Manga Punk Sai
Sadako slave
(11/10/02 11:23:58 pm)
Analyze This
Okay, I just saw The Ring remake for the second time a couple of days ago. This movie had me intrigued from the teaser trailers on TV. And it did deliver to my fullest wishes, finally, something TRUELY scarey and disturbing with gorgeous cinematogrophy.

Now mind you, I'm not at all easily spooked, grossed out, or bothered (Really the only scene I couldn't take at all was the poor horse death ;_;) and even though I WAS scared, I found it moreso to be thrilling.

And I know I know, this movie has probably been analyzed to death, but I'm throwing in my two cents.

First of all, I think after Samara's mother died, there were no more incidents until the kids at the cabin tried to tape the game off the TV. This was Samara's first shot at putting herself back in the world. I know there was a rumor of the tape, but Becca mentioned she heard it from someone at the school Katie's boyfriend went to. And you know juicy stories travel quick in High Schools, so it could've been that blown up in a week.

My theory is, since Samara could create X-rays and possibly negatives, it was quite easy for her to project images onto the ribbon of a tape. And since reception was always bad in that area (probably from her pure energy/supernatural power/hatred) it was quite simple for her to do. And you hear Katie talk about electromagnetic signals going through our heads all the time. Yeah, you think its just teen-babble, but think about it. Is it possible Samara, who wanted nothing but to be heard, and obviously was enraged at her mother's well.. insolence at trying to dispose of her, perhaps manifested in electromagnetic signals? I mean it makes sense. Our little pyrokinetic esper hell-spawn had nothing but a TV to stare at when up in the barn. As Rachel stares at her own reflection in the blank screen, it kind of gives you the idea maybe thats what Samara did, SEEING herself inside there. Even the water, which was part of Samara oozed from or was condensed on televisions. And when the beads rolled into an arrow in the cabin, it was under a VCR.

Maybe I got this theory just because the movie, for some reason, made me think some parts a bit Lain-esque (Serial Experiments Lain is a Japanese mini-series about people literally pitching their souls into an invisiable reality created by the internet and deviceless software, thus people in electromagnetic signals).

But then the voices of ghosts/spirits have known to be recorded if left with an open mic on a particular radio frequency.

So anyway, thats what my theory is. Samara, mysterious in origin, born with some ungodly power, practically a %#@!ing demon, enraged at being silenced manifested in the various signals and electric energy running through the air. And since these energies and signals CAN have effects on the human mind, it can also show how those "touched" by Samara were receiving a constant stream of disturbing visions.

Well anyway, if you're still here thanks for reading through.

Ghetto Ring
(11/11/02 2:03:30 pm)
re: analyze this
I like your theory. It fits everything together. It also explains how she can kill people at the same time in different locations. So the question I pose to you is this:

what if you wrapped your head in a lead sheet? Could Samara kill you

-Thinking hurts

out from the well
(11/11/02 2:11:44 pm)
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Re: re: analyze this
....So instead of death from Samara you get death from lead poisoning?