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Sadako slave
(11/22/02 12:43:55 am)
After my second viewing I noticed a few things...
They may or may not be significant, but I noticed a few little things and saved them as day reminder notes in my mobile to remind me ;)

1. After Rachael comes home, she pays the babysitter, she leaves. Then she goes to check on Aiden.
We see this from inside his room as the door opens, and just a split second before it opens/as it opens there is a glitchy little blur on the wall next to the door opening, above or on Aidens bedside lamp, it looked whitish/yellowish and made me think "SAMARA?!"
If you go to see it again, keep your eyes glued open and dont blink, I want to know if it's a one off mistake in my cinema or something else !

2. The cigarette burn 'rings' in my opinion are, as discussed previously, perfect circular ones with a gilded style edge.
There is ONE I spotted that wasa regular oval plain black one, can't remember the scene. Also, there was a series one after another (I think heading to when Rachael gets on the ferry) and if you look they actually get bigger as they go.
There was a small one, then another bigger, then the full screen subliminal one.

3. The #SM0015 tape.
I read as much as I could on these boards, apologies if it's mentioned and I missed it.
But it caught my attention today as I watched:
#SM0015 = Samara Morgan0015

If this is the tape...shouldn't there be 14 tapes before it ?
There has to be, otherwise the tape should be #SM0001
it wouldn't be smart to start tapes at 0015 as the beginning tape.
So what's contained on the other 14 tapes...

4. And when Noah asks the assistant for the tape, he sees its missing, asks "Who had it out last?" and it says R Morgan.
Above Morgans name were a couple others, the only one I saw and remembered was something like K. Meyers.
Is that the doctor who died that's been discussed?

Again, I loved the movie and yes, I was wrong earlier, the Oz version does have the random flashing of images at the very end.

God it was funny seeing the rest of the audience after when the lights came on :D

Sadako slave
(11/22/02 12:55:32 am)
Re: After my second viewing I noticed a few things...
I forgot the other one :)

A lot of debate ovr why Samara looks so huge at the end, and it was done to death about either party saying camera angles, or that she was a long time in the well and 'aged'.

My belief and 2cents is that its the camera angles. After 2nd viewing she is still small, but totally dominates over Noah in the way it was shot.

This was repeated earlier when the horse broke out of the compartment on the ferry. Yes, I know a horse liek that is big, but when it jumped out then went on its hind legs on top of the car/platform, look at via the 3/4 low-looking up shot style, and the horse appears abso-f..king-lutey enormous !
And then seems more naturally big-sized when it runs around the ferry.

repeated style done to Samara, and damnit......I want to meet the director and whoever elses idea it was for the zapping position of Samara in front of Noah.

Again, I almost soiled myself :P

Sadako slave
(11/22/02 12:56:20 am)
Re: After my second viewing I noticed a few things...
I can't believe that i am so stupid! I couldn't come up with samara morgan HA I think i was struggling with the fact that I thought it was OO as in O for Ox and i was like "SMOO?"

Sadako slave
(11/22/02 1:05:34 am)
what if?
Ok i know theres a section of the faq for this, but what would have happened if Noah ATTACKED Samura physically. I know this is kind of dumb and is a very strange response to somebody popping out of a TV set, but just curious. Would Samura just death stare him to death; I also guess she could just zap herself to dodge him or burn him with her hands

Sadako slave
(11/22/02 1:11:51 am)
Re: what if?
When she shambles and then zaps 4 foot towards him and standign up, I think we would all fall backwards as he did :P

I think she is an actual entity that appears and anyone could see her (ie Becca being affected as such), but I dont think you could so anything to her.
If she's in your head, chances are she might know what you're thinking of doing, and can react before it happens.

And I don't think you could do anything to hr, ie if you swung a bat it'd go right through her.

Something so evil wouldn't be beaten easily.
Maybe fire, and lots of it, is the cure ?

further down the Spiral
(11/22/02 1:19:56 am)
Well not if you were expecting it. Anyways maybe if you pulled out your handy dandy gun/laser/energy beam thing and blowed her head off. or went Scorpion King and pulled out your sword and bow and arrow. Hey, here's a really good what if. Could she kill you if you blindfolded yourself?

Sadako slave
(11/22/02 8:26:12 am)
Re: Warrior!
The blindfold would "slip", or she would still go into
The name for the ting that allows us as humans to 'see' inside our head, ie like a video and audio player if you will.

She'd attack you in your mind, as as previously posted (and what I agree with) you recive all 7 days of her torture in the well in your mind, so blindfolds or not, youd die.

Better question : What if you showed the video to someone who was blind ?

I could think of some really funny comedy bits about that, but it's too late at night/early in the morning for that.And in reality they wouldnt be that funny hh.

manipulator of the Virus
(11/22/02 8:48:09 am)
safe for deaf and blind
you can still get cursed from the audio.

Ghetto Ring
manipulator of the Virus
(11/22/02 9:26:18 am)
Re: safe for deaf and blind
What's the point of still getting cursed from the audio? Not that I don't belive you, but if samara wanted her story spread showing it to a blind person won;t do any good. they won't know the story because they never saw the images. On the other she might not care because if people who were blind couldn't be cursed then the cursed people would jsu tshow the video tape sto the blind. I don't know. It's a conundrum.


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