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further down the Spiral
(11/5/02 3:41:39 am)
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Additional observations after 2nd viewing of The Ring
1.        I think that we can put aside further speculation that Richard “did not know” or may have thought that Rachael was referring to the SM0015 asylum tape. Rachel explicitly told him that the tape in her possession was a message and contained images of his wife, horses, etc. (clearly the curse tape). Richard did not seem surprised that the images were on a tape; he only asked if it was the only one. This suggests that he may have been aware of other tapes that may have surfaced in the past (others here have already considered that possibility). The doctor, on the other hand, did not seem to know as much as has been speculated. Sure she mentioned that it’s “a long time since (she) heard that”, but the indications are that she was referring to people having images appear in their heads spontaneously (Anna had complained of that and Richard admitted to it too just prior to his suicide). My take is that the doctor did not have a sense that tapes were being created, but simply and innocently that Samara was causing her mother to hallucinate.

2.        Some have been critical of the ‘absurdity’ of Richard cramming and interconnecting so much video and electrical equipment into the bathroom during his suicide. I speculate that this was the very equipment on which he knew that the (hypothetical) first tapes were created by Samara - and given the spectacular way in which the equipment short-circuited, he was ‘killing’ not only himself, but also the other instruments of mayhem.

3.        Someone else stated that Aidan started acting weird only after Rachel met Becca in the asylum. Not true. There are two instances of ‘weird’ behavior prior to that: 1) Readily accepting Katie’s impending death and drawing pictures of it, and 2) sensing the electromagnetic disturbance in Katie’s room during the wake. At that point, Rachael herself was not yet infected, but Aidan was said to have spent a lot of time with Katie and may been exposed to her after the curse was already upon her.

4.        Although it has been pointed out that the well corona did not receive such emphasis in the Japanese originals and is being used for filmic effect in the remake, I must say that the visual effect has me mesmerized – especially the gradual eclipsing of the well mouth by the stone. Eclipses have been viewed with awe across the ages and I have a sense that this refers to the possibility that the evil represented by Samara has been around for eons. Interestingly enough, there is one quick scene of the well mouth in Rachael’s last vision (while in the well) where the corona does not form gradually as an eclipse would, but rather in a sudden fashion as though the covering stone fell vertically from above. This difference was jarring and had a most unsettling effect on me.

5.        Here’s an interesting one that I hope that someone who will see the film again (or has a really good memory) can confirm: While I tend to dismiss that there are satanic connotations to this story and therefore I have not deliberately looked for them, I think I noticed one – and it may be complete co-incidence: When Rachel and Noah are tearing the wallpaper off to reveal the tree, as they step back to view what they uncovered, I could swear that just to the left of the tree, as an effect left by the partially-ripped wallpaper, there appears to be an erect, seven-foot Pan-like figure with devilish horns looking at the tree. (Also, inexplicably, as the camera pans out, there appears to be a break in the ladder that I cannot explain in the vicinity where it rests against the floor of the attic. Spooky tooth!)

6.        This time I sat through the full credits at the end (as did many others, which is unusual) and there is some really powerful symphonic music (mostly cello) as the credits rolled. I remember being mesmerized by the mystical backward chanting in the circle scene of Eyes Wide Shut, and I’m looking forward to this music from The Ring becoming available on a soundtrack.

7.        Don’t let all of this seemingly rational analysis fool you that I am completely detached. Now, after my second viewing, I’m even more creeped out than before. Putting these rambling out for your perusal has a therapeutic effect on my jangled nerves – thanks for listening.

further down the Spiral
(11/5/02 3:58:36 am)
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One more observation
There were plenty of real EEG/EKG electrodes in the film - they were attached to Samara prior to her interview with the shrink and also Noah found a box of them in the records room. However, the cord of the electrode that Rachael coughed up was more like a braided hairball - it had the appeance of tightly plaited horse hair. I wonder a) Why this is so (instead of the usual electrical cord), and b) what is the disgusting thing being pulled(?) from the mouth of the man in the curse video - is he being eviscerated through the mouth?

citizen of the Loopworld
(11/5/02 4:37:03 am)
That is a lot of observing.....

out from the well
(11/5/02 6:13:12 am)
Re: WOW!!!!
Yeah, im a little creeped out more after seeing it the second time. Im a little scared to do anything. I havnt showered since last thursday and...j/k. But yeah its a little freaky that a movie can so many people to be scared for awhile and wonder. What were you talking about at the tree seen in her room. I didnt see anything like that.

further down the Spiral
(11/5/02 6:26:53 am)
Re: WOW!!!!
I hope to see the movie for a 2nd time soon. Is it still as scary seeing it for the 2nd time?

She never sleeps..
7 days..

OMG Becca is soooo Hot! I WANT HER!!!!

further down the Spiral
(11/5/02 7:35:08 am)
the "Pan" figure
i didn't see that, will have to look for it! BUT ... a Pan figure doesn't imply Satanic connections. Pan was the original "all-god" (hence "pan" being a prefix meaning "all"). his horns and goat-like appearance reflect his status as a shepherd and as the guardian of the forest. a lot of people see the horns and confuse him with a demonic figure, i try to correct it whenever i see it! because my fiance's legal name is Pan, so i know my stuff *lol* anyway, it could possibly be the figure of a satyr, or a lesser demon, just thrown in for effect. Pan is always seen with his flute, the syrinx. he wasn't demonic, he was just horny ;)


(11/5/02 7:47:54 am)
i have a question. on they have a whole list of the actors and one of them says samara morgan. is this a real girl inthe movie or just some sick joke?

Sublime Muffin
Sadako slave
(11/5/02 8:20:17 am)
What I noticed....
I think the idea of electricity and how it might find ways we cannot comprehend to open a level of communication between our brains and the world around us, is something that has been on my mind for a while. I have noticed how machines have a tendency to react to my own mind in strange ways, and the results have kept me up at nights for years.

This movie,... the ultimate assertion that others have had the same ideas floating around in their heads for years, is the ultimate freak out.

Did anyone notice, in the second movie at least. How calm and happy we felt when their wasn't a tv around? I think this is a very subversive picture, and genius at that. I used to feel safer when I was near technology, but in the past few years it has been the other way around. The people on CNN seem almost like machines to me, so to leave the tv on at night doesn't scare the ghosts away anymore.

This movie is the icing on the cake. It wasn't until I took a walk in the woods that I felt better. It was like nature was carressing me. This is a tryly subversive picture and I will make sure everyone sees it.


further down the Spiral
(11/5/02 10:23:49 am)
samara morgan
Hmmm-Samara in the credits??

Either it's a mistake or I'm correct that it was an adult actress at the end, in Noah's apartment and they left her uncreditied.

hee hee. If I was a famous actress I'd get a kick out of being done up in fright makeup and getting an uncredited, but unforgettable role in this film!!!

out from the well
(11/5/02 11:14:54 am)
Re: Additional observations after 2nd viewing of The Ring
further down the Spiral
(11/5/02 3:41:39 am)
Reply Additional observations after 2nd viewing of The Ring
1. i agree with everything here.

2. i don't think that samara used equipment to make the tapes... but maybe he didn't kow this.

3. yes

4. yes... and if you think about it, a true ring would never be created... or the stone would fall through. That was completely for effect.

5. i saw that "demon" in the wallpaper. my conjecture is this... samara was not adopted... but instead was conceived in a "deal with the devil" Anna got a child, but the child was almost the daughter of Satan... *just a theory*

6. i play the cello, and it is the most powerful stringed instrument... what you heard was actually a duet of viola and cello. The sonata played was indeed very powerful

7. no problem!

the exorcist will live in my mind forever.

further down the Spiral
(11/5/02 11:43:34 am)
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The stone can be bigger than the well opening while creating a corona effect. This is because of the unneveness of the mating surfaces and the seeping-in of light (actually multiple reflections up and down before it gets in)