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Sadako slave
(11/29/02 7:55:16 am)
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A lullaby for the kiddies...
Now I lay me down to sleep
Counting horses instead of sheep
I hear the girl in the well who sings
"Before you die, you see The Ring"

everyone will suffer
(11/29/02 12:37:31 pm)
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Re: A lullaby for the kiddies...
:D Another stirred into song by Sammie.

More songs, rhymes, tunes and ditties here:

Turtle God Kame
(11/29/02 12:43:21 pm)
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I swear you guys think all this stuff up under the influence! >)

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further down the Spiral
(11/29/02 6:34:40 pm)
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Re: hahaha
Half a week of watching it,
Half a week of terror,
That's the way the cursed tape works,
Out comes Samara!
(to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel)


Anna had a little girl,
Her hair as black as coal,
And every where Samara went,
Her curse was sure to go!
She killed the doc in the nuthouse
And then it was too late
So her mom tossed her down the well
Where she stews in her hate. - UC Rats!

Everyone will suffer.