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Membership is reserved for mature individuals possessing sound knowledge of the Ring story, a cosmopolitan outlook, and that intend to be active participants in forum activities. As such, the registration process is designed to screen out underage individuals and those with only a passing interest.

screening querstions

All correct answers are single words or whole numbers. Eight out of ten questions answered correctly represents a passing grade.

Anna is to Samara as Rachel is to:
The link between Reagan's successor and a 'Wuthering Heights' singer:
Samara's Japanese counterpart is named:
Which is the odd-man-out: Jupiter Apollo Mars Neptune Mercury:
The 22nd Olympics were boycotted by a number of countries in response to the occupation of:
The novel 'Ringu' was written by (surname):
The year that you became an adolescent:
Unscramble the name which is not a Europen city: shante, woocsm, linam, gathwonnis, rlibne:
The Morgan ranch was on this island:
You will be triple your present age in this year:
A customs union comprising of Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands is named:
A word that means both "larva" and "food":
How old will you be when Little Boy turns 100:

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Mature Content. No censorship of lawful personal expression is conducted on this site. Member areas may contain coarse language, nudity and/or socio-politically controversial subject matter. If you are offended by such materials, and/or if it is unlawful in your jurisdiction to access such materials, then please do not register.

Mature Behavior. Users are free to express themselves in any manner except that which is deliberately offensive or disrepectful to other members. Members engaging in personal attacks or attempting to incite flame wars will receive one warning and will thereafter face possible suspension.

Disallowed Materials Notwithstanding the general tolerance of a wide variety of materials, the following items will be deleted immediately and without notice:

  • Any material that inteferes with the proper operation of this site
  • Child pornography and/or obscene material (as defined in law)
  • Material that promotes hatred against an identifiable group of people (as defined in law)

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